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Why wait until business plateaus or you receive customer complaints to sit down and do a relationship “check?

Hear what happened when our client, the Chemical Intermediates division of BASF, decided to get proactive and take an outside-in approach to their business.

By choosing to put their customers’ business at the center of theirs – pausing to engage in authentic dialogue and gather first-hand feedback – BASF not only gained validated insights on how they were delivering differential value, they also quantified the impact.

Are you certain that you’re focused on what’s important to your customer’s business?

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Eliminating Assumptions and Leading with the Facts

Having a veteran team of industry experts can offer a wealth of knowledge and provide stability. Yet, there is a risk of operating on “auto-pilot” and serving customers based on assumptions or a “we’ve always done it this way” mindset.

To gain an informed perspective and renew relationships after more than 18 months of limited in-person meetings, the BASF team chose to take a fresh approach and through the Luminas CVX process talk with their customers first-hand, to better understand their perspective.

Leaders, do you know with certainty  what’s important to your customers’ business?

Right-Sizing Customer Relationships and Identifying Opportunities

The best customer relationships are those where mutual value is created and cultivated.  For the BASF team, listening to their customers helped them to identify similarities and differences in their relationships, and uncovered where there was untapped potential.

Establishing a Platform for Growth

No two customers are the same. Therefore, the days of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to customer relationships are over – especially in a commodities business.

The BASF team put their assumptions aside and invested time to learn what specifically matters most to their customers. Now, by tailoring their approach, they are establishing a platform for accelerated organic growth and becoming a partner of choice for their customers.

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“Luminas has had a definite impact on the way our sales team thinks about how to sell value. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t gone through the process with them and gained such meaningful insights.”

Heather Singler, Global Commercial Director, Eastman

“The whole team was engaged in the work with Luminas, it was impressive. As a result, we discovered areas where we can grow, become more nimble and think strategically about our business. We are now better prepared to partner with our customers and manage through big changes.”

Jeff Morris, Senior Vice President, Protective Fabrics, Milliken & Company

“Our customers were very appreciative that we took the time to ask the right questions about what is important to their business. Luminas helped us to create a more customer centric organization and to focus on what they value.”

Steve Yager, Vice President, Customer Experience, Cisco

“We saw the Luminas team as our partners, they were humble and cared about our business. Our customers found immense value in having conversations with us; the process demonstrated to them that we were interested in their feedback and wanted to hear their insights.”

Charles Crowell, Director, Corporate Strategy, Milliken & Company