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Delivering Differential Value & Helping Customers Win

Do you know what products and services your company delivers that are uniquely valuable to your customers? Are your account management and sales teams helping your customers win and increase profitability?

Through the Luminas CVX® engagement process Milliken identified the differential value they were already delivering to customers and, discovered other opportunities to deliver more value in the future.

Becoming Equipped to Make Confident Decisions

Growth strategies for most companies were forced to shift during the COVID19 pandemic, this was true for the Milliken team. More than ever before, the ability to make confident decisions was critical.

Because of the learnings they gained during the Luminas CVX® engagement process, Milliken was equipped with validated insights that informed critical strategic decisions, including the choice to hold off on some previously-prioritized initiatives and instead, bolster their North American supply chain within their workwear segment.

Differential Value is About Much More Than Cost

Do you know why your customers are really buying from you?

Are you focused solely on offering the lowest price to your customers or could there be other factors to differentiate your company from the competition?

Through CVX®, Milliken gained validated insights on the products and services that were delivering differential customer value.

Customer Segmentation and Competitive Insights

Is your customer’s business at the center of your business? Do you know how your products, services and capabilities impact your customer’s key performance indicators?

The leaders at Milliken listened to their customers in a new and different way – gaining a deeper understanding of the true value customers receive from their offerings. They also learned who the customer views as Milliken’s true competition.

Understanding the Competitive Landscape

In today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, understanding your customer’s needs and the current competitive landscape is essential.

Milliken’s customers, and the industry, were experiencing disruption.  Through the Luminas CVX® engagement, Milliken discovered the importance of being an outside-in organization and identified key insights that allowed them to develop a mutually beneficial growth strategy for key customers and the business unit.

Aligning Business Strategy with Customer Needs

Are your customer conversations focused on their business outcomes?

As a result of the Luminas CVX® engagement, Milliken developed the internal capabilities and put the necessary processes in place to better align their business strategy with the needs of their customers.

Cultivating Partnership Relationships with Customers

Do your customers refer to you as a vendor or partner?

Milliken’s investment in listening to their customers resulted in a deeper relationship. Customers shared their growth opportunities and invited Milliken to consider how they could contribute to delivering more customer value. A win-win proposition.