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Seeking to elevate the impact of the organization’s Black Founder Accelerator® program, the leadership of Northwestern Mutual sought to sharpen its existing value proposition and grow the program from good to great. To do so, the team needed to gain a thorough understanding of potential gaps and un-tapped opportunities, and take an outside-in approach with their four main stakeholder groups.

Gaining Insights to Create Impact

The Luminas Stakeholder Value Xcelerator (SVX) enabled the team first to explore, quantify and validate opportunities, and then take action on developing a more robust and holistic ecosystem for all of the  Northwestern Mutual Black Founder Accelerator® (NMBFA) stakeholders: founders, venture capital funds, executive mentors and executive sponsors.

Courageous Leadership

It’s the “million dollar” question: How can a nonprofit leader positively impact their current stakeholders, grow the reach of their philanthropic efforts and advance from good…to GREAT?

Working with Luminas Strategy

At Luminas, we sit next to our clients – bringing decades of experience working in B2B companies and nonprofit organizations. We work WITH you, step-by-step, as you gain internal alignment, gather an outside-in perspective on your value proposition, and ultimately create a roadmap that will enable you to win with your stakeholders and deliver greater impact.

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“As a new CEO of the organization, what a gift I received to accelerate my onboarding and understanding of the key priorities for ELC members and other key stakeholders.  The clarity of strategic insights, based on a deep understanding of stakeholder input, provided a great input to the development of priorities for the organization.  The work with Luminas enabled our leadership team to provide clear and consistent messaging about our direction — both the what and the why!”

Michael C. Hyter, President and CEO, The Executive Leadership Council

“Luminas has had a definite impact on the way our sales team thinks about how to sell value. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t gone through the process with them and gained such meaningful insights.”

Heather Singler, Global Commercial Director, Eastman

“The whole team was engaged in the work with Luminas, it was impressive. As a result, we discovered areas where we can grow, become more nimble and think strategically about our business. We are now better prepared to partner with our customers and manage through big changes.”

Jeff Morris, Senior Vice President, Protective Fabrics, Milliken & Company

“Our customers were very appreciative that we took the time to ask the right questions about what is important to their business. Luminas helped us to create a more customer centric organization and to focus on what they value.”

Steve Yager, Vice President, Customer Experience, Cisco