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Winning with Customers Summit Experience

If you’re planning a company meeting or event to support your teams on their journey to greater customer centricity, the Luminas Winning with Customers Summit is a customized experience designed to meet your unique needs.

Based on the outside-in methodologies presented in, Winning with Customers (coauthored by Luminas CEO D. Keith Pigues), each event is uniquely tailored  to achieve your company’s goals. Whether you’re planning an executive team meeting, sales conference or company-wide event, the Winning with Customers Summit experience will place your customers at center stage and provide your team with feedback directly from each customer’s perspective, delivering you actionable insights that will help drive mutual value creation and accelerate organic growth.

What makes the Winning with Customers Summit experience so impactful?

  • Advance input provided by attendees and customers specifying value drivers and growth priorities to customize the session to meet your specific needs
  • Curated inspiring, engaging and educational keynote by acclaimed global speaker, Keith Pigues
  • Insight sessions featuring your customers bringing their unfiltered perspective to your teams live and in living color
  • Personalized follow-up workshop with your team to create an action plan for applying the learnings to your customer-centered growth strategies

Ready to inspire your team? Contact us to learn more about the Winning with Customers  Summit Experience.

Keith Pigues Winning with Customers

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