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Are Your Stakeholders Asking, “How do we get more value from our relationship?”

The Luminas Stakeholder Value Xcelerator™ (SVX) makes it possible for organizations to achieve internal alignment on the areas of greatest impact for their stakeholders, and then takes it a step further to test that perspective with those who are the intended beneficiaries of value within your stakeholder groups. This results in a true outside-in perspective of the value delivered.

SVX is designed to help improve the growth strategy for a range of nonprofit organizations.  Are you one of the following:

  • A Professional Membership Association that must attract and retain members; and secure sponsorships?   You can know why some professionals choose to join and continue with your organization, and why others don’t.
  • A Human Services Organization looking to appeal to donors and sustain funding support?   You can find out if your sponsors are experiencing tangible benefits like an enhanced brand reputation or an increase in their customer base, because of their alignment with your organization.
  • An Industry/trade Organization working to improve policies and programs, and cultivate meaningful partnerships?   You can discover if members are increasing the freedom to operate, expanding their footprint and building their brands and reputation by aligning with you.

SVX will provide your team with validated and prioritized insights from stakeholders on the true impact they’re receiving from your organization as compared to other available options.

Different from a traditional satisfaction survey, SVX is a systematic process that helps to identify the differential value your organization delivers compared to other alternatives, and distinguish which stakeholder groups represent the greatest opportunity for organizational improvement and growth.  SVX illuminates what’s working well and should be continued, as well as where enhancements are necessary to provide more value to stakeholders, and what you can start doing that will be truly differential as compared to what’s offered by other organizations.

You’ll be equipped to make more confident decisions and accelerate growth once you address your organization’s biggest challenges, and enhance your value proposition. Through SVX, the experts at Luminas will help you discover how to win with your stakeholders by:

  • Understanding and measuring your internal perspective of the value you’re delivering
  • Assessing your team’s perspectives of the value you deliver by validating them with key stakeholders
  • Improving the current value delivered and creating new high impact opportunities for stakeholders that are mutually beneficial
  • Establishing scalable capabilities throughout your organization to keep your stakeholders at the center of your organization and decision-making

If you want to know if your stakeholders are reaping benefits from being aligned with you, and how your organization can best leverage these relationships to experience mutual growth and success, complete the form below and we’ll help you get started.

“Luminas has had a definite impact on the way our sales team thinks about how to sell value. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t gone through the process with them and gained such meaningful insights.”

Heather Singler, Global Commercial Director, Eastman

“The whole team was engaged in the work with Luminas, it was impressive. As a result, we discovered areas where we can grow, become more nimble and think strategically about our business. We are now better prepared to partner with our customers and manage through big changes.”

Jeff Morris, Senior Vice President, Protective Fabrics, Milliken & Company

“Our customers were very appreciative that we took the time to ask the right questions about what is important to their business. Luminas helped us to create a more customer centric organization and to focus on what they value.”

Steve Yager, Vice President, Customer Experience, Cisco

“We saw the Luminas team as our partners, they were humble and cared about our business. Our customers found immense value in having conversations with us; the process showed our customers that we were interested in their feedback and wanted to hear their insights.”

Charles Crowell, Director, Corporate Strategy, Milliken & Company

“SVX helped us to focus on what matters most to our tenants. We gained specific insights that we could respond to and as a result, we created a roadmap for how we could do our job better and increase satisfaction among the people who are paying our bills.”

Scott Levitan, President and CEO, Research Triangle Foundation