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Customer Value Xcelerator® (CVX)

The Luminas Customer Value Xcelerator (CVX) will help you get to the core of what you do that matters to your customer’s business. CVX generates data-driven insights that will empower you to operate with greater customer centricity and enable you to make faster, more confident decisions that accelerate growth and result in increased profitability for you and your customers.

CVX will help you answer the questions…do our customers make more money doing business with us, what differentiates our company from its competition and how do our products and services deliver more value to our customers, than their next best option?

Stakeholder Value Xcelerator™ (SVX)

Luminas’ Stakeholder Value Xcelerator (SVX) deploys a strategic approach to help you understand and improve the current differential value you deliver to stakeholders and discover future opportunities to improve your value proposition – solely from the stakeholders’ perspective. SVX delivers insights that help your organization align its value proposition with the most important interests of your stakeholders and deliver them truly unique benefits, compared to other organizations they may consider.

SVX will help you answer the question…do our stakeholders get more value by partnering with us?

Advisory Services

Luminas offers professional advisory services and support — partnering with you and bringing a knowledgeable, unbiased and balanced perspective to tackle your most challenging and critical business growth issues. We’ll help you ask — and find answers to — key questions that guide you in setting strategy for the future growth and profitability.

Speaking Services

Luminas’ in-depth business knowledge, broad industry experience and innovative consulting engagements translates into highly valued, content-rich presentations. We’re experienced in contributing our thought leadership in a wide variety of meeting formats, including event keynote presentations, executive team sessions, topical discussion panels, sales and marketing meetings and workshops.