Your Growth Acceleration Partner

Your organization’s differential value proposition is its most valuable currency. The ability to articulate, measure and continuously improve your impact on your customers or stakeholders — in comparison to their next best alternative — is essential to accelerate growth and sustain mutually-rewarding, long-term relationships.

Drawing on our decades of experience and deploying our proprietary outside-in methodology, Luminas partners with leading B2B companies and nonprofit organizations, helping them gain internal alignment on their growth priorities, validate their differential value and develop winning strategies with their customers and stakeholders.

We serve for-profit companies through the Luminas Customer Value Xcelerator and nonprofit organizations with our Stakeholder Value Xcelerator, each of these delivering validated insights and competitive intelligence that enable our clients to

  • Know with certainty your differential value proposition
  • Fuel your organic growth strategy
  • Make decisions more confidently
  • Implement a plan of action

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Our Purpose

Helping the organizations and people we serve find and follow the path to profitable, organic growth.

Our Mission

We are passionately committed to supporting our clients and to delivering the methodologies, resources and counsel they need to cultivate mutually valuable business relationships.

Luminas Core Values


Chief Growth Xcelerator

D. Keith Pigues
CEO & Founder 

Luminas Strategy Oksana cobey1

Oksana Cobey 
Client Delivery Leader 

Luminas Strategy Jenica Oliver 1Luminas Strategy Jenica Oliver

Jenica Oliver
Client Delivery Leader 

Lura Hobbs 
Client Delivery Leader 

Luminas Strategy Vicki Dennis Frye 1Luminas Strategy Vicki Frye

Vicki Dennis Frye
Marketing Leader

Jackie Smith
Operations Leader

David Youland
Senior Consultant

Mary Chen Luminas Strategy

Mary Chen
Senior Consultant

Luminas Strategy Yolanda Brown 1Luminas Strategy Yolonda Brown

Yolanda Brown
Senior Consultant

Luminas Strategy Connie Mester 1

Connie Mester
Senior Consultant

Luminas Strategy Rachel Thompson 1

Rachel Thompson, 
Senior Consultant

Lola Copeland
Senior Consultant  

Veronica LaFemina Luminas Strategy

Veronica LaFemina 
Senior Consultant  

Lebone Moses 
Senior Consultant

Sadat Rafiee
Senior Consultant

Laura Jones Luminas Strategy

Laura Jones 

Gedam Melkamu